These are just a few of our happy customers. If you have questions please feel free to call us at 972.716.9978. Email: support@cubeclerk.com.

  • Excellent tool
    Cube Clerk is an excellent tool for marketing.
    Fred Carroll - Refurbished Office Environments
  • Helps wholesale and retail
    CubeClerk has helped both wholesale and retail, and the platform is solid.
    Seth Deforest - Boomerang
  • Helps move product
    "I retail only 10% - 20%. With CubeClerk I have sold to end users local in Dallas, San Jose and Tennessee. All as easy as wholesale and 5 times the money up front."
    Eric J. - R.E. Jones Co.
  • Great Site!!!
    "CubeClerk is a great site, not only to help me sell furniture but to display my products in a unique way to thousands of people. I love using CubeClerk and believe it is an essential tool for any office furniture dealer to help promote their dealership and products."
    Jeff Marcero - Integrity Wholesale
  • I greatly enjoy receiving your emails
    Although we have not done much work together, I greatly enjoy receiving your emails. We don't do alot of used business, but you'r information gives me the ammunition that I need to offer the product (without having to inventory it), and when one pops...we're good to go!
    Jeff Singer - Teammates Commercial Interiors
  • Coolest Inventories
    "Cube Clerk has the coolest pre owned inventories at the best prices!"
    Brandi Susewitz - RWA Office Interiors
  • Very Impressed
    We are very impressed with this site and the opportunity to expose our products to dealers and end users nationwide. The staff have been extremely helpful in answering our questions quickly and with specifics. Our Signage is a product that few have experience with and often do not know where to find it or how to order. The photos we are encouraged to include offer clients a variety of images and applications to choose from. We are very pleased to be an member of this site and are encouraged by growing numbers of requests for more information on our products.
    John Curtis - Cubiclesigns.com
  • CubeClerk will be a helpful tool in assisting growth
    "My experience working with CubeClerk has but nothing short of exceptional. Both Rusty and Grant have not only been profoundly informative on their product but extremely helpful to us in trying to maximize the sites usage to it's full potential. We believe CubeClerk will be a helpful tool in assisting our growth in the the office furniture industry."
    Jeff Campbell - Bridge Logistics
  • Great tool to have in your dealer tool belt
    "The best thing ever about Cube Clerk is the owner Grant Jones. I have had the pleasure of working with him since the start of the site. We are one of the site’s major advertisers and love the service that we receive from Grant. We have had several good conversations about the benefits of the site, how to drive the search engines activity with our great postings and more. Grant knows the internet and works very hard to make this a valuable tool in our office furniture broker’s tool belts to make our businesses successful."
    Donna Joerling - Facility Services Group
  • Easy to find what you’re looking for
    Very well designed web site, easy to navigate and find what you are looking for......
    Dale Wynn - Resource Office Furnishings
  • CubeClerk is an essential tool
    "CubeClerk is an essential tool for anyone in the office furniture business. The simple listing interface makes putting new products online a breeze and the specific search categories let people find the product they want fast. Making affordable, Pre-owned furniture this accessible online ensures that in the end, everyone wins. Hitting that little red “SOLD” button on my dashboard always reminds me why I list all our furniture on CubeClerk!"
    Doug Zegel - Boomerang Office Furniture