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CubeClerk provides the highest quality used office furniture from the best office furniture dealers in the country. Every dealer and private seller that signs up to sell their furniture on CubeClerk is prescreened and hand selected to ensure that only the highest quality pre-owned product is listed. You can choose from thousands of office furniture products all in one place saving you time and money.

Used office furniture is one of the easiest and greenest ways you can save your company money. Used office furniture is in general 75% less than new office furniture which frees up valuable resources and allows you to purchase more office furniture for your money. Businesses that shop and sell with CubeClerk quickly realize that they not only save money but can create a functional, high design working environment for their employees. We carry ALL the major brands of office furniture like Haworth, Herman Miller and Knoll just to name a few. If you were to purchase a cubicle from one of these manufacturers new you could easily spend 3-4K$ per cubicle!!! Purchasing from CubeClerk you would spend anywhere form $500 – $1,200 per cubicle, the savings are clear.

Going green is one of the best things you can do for your company and the environment. When you purchase used office furniture from CubeClerk you are re-using what someone else has already used. Instead of these pre-owned products going in the land fill they get a new home in your office. In addition most new cubicles, although mostly “green” when they roll off the production line still give off harmful VOC’s also known as (off gassing) in the first few months of their existence. When you purchase used office furniture you skip the harmful step of off gassing and you get to recycle at the same time. Its a win win for companies looking to go green.

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Grant Jones – CEO

Manufacturers Rep / KJones and Associates
Manufacturers Rep / MAiSPACE
Vice President of Marketing / Co-Owner Office Furniture Connection
Vice President of Marketing / Modern Millwork Group
Owner / Edge Illustration

Rusty Jones – CFO

Owner / Rusty Jones Company
Owner / Office Furniture Connection
Owner / Modern Millwork Group


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