Herman Miller Ethospace, Seattle Washington, 38 – 54″ high 6×8 cubicles,

    • Make: Herman Miller Ethospace
    • Quantity 38
    • Color: See Description
    • Quick Ship: No
    • Shipping Included: No
    • Contact: Sales
    • City: Colorado Springs
    • State: Colorado
    • Zipcode: 80125
    • Minimum Purchase Quantity: 6
    • Product Condition:

Herman Miller Ethospace, Seattle Washington,  38 – 54″ high 6×8 cubicles,
Herman Miller Ethospace, Seattle Washington,  38 – 54″ high 6×8 cubicles,


We have 35 Stations in Seattle of 54″H (seated privacy) Ethospace. These stations were installed in 2007-20088. The typical sizes are 6×8 are suited for an open and collaborative environment.

As shown in the pictures each 6×8 stations are built with standard surfaces and 120 degree. Each stations comes with a Wardrobe Tower, Box/ File Mobile Pedestal, Paper Management. The finishes include: CN:Metallic champagne trim, Red laminate, Red cushion top pedestals with CN finish. Fabric: orange/red fabric and grey fabric (8L05). Group 2: CN: Metallic champagne trim, Formcoat 7G worksurfaces, Green cushion top pedestal with CN finish. Fabric: Green (5T38) & Grey (8L05). Price will be $695 / station. Budget price for delivery & installation will be $295 / station.

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