Which Cubicle Layout is Right For You?

| Blog | July 23, 2012


Most people don’t realize that cubicles are highly configurable. They can be moved, re-cnfigured, added to, sizes changed, options and accessories changed you name it…cubicles are made to change with you over time. So being that cubicles can change very easily it offers a host of options for your cubicle layout. You can literally make almost any size cubicle in almost any layout. However, there are drawbacks to each type of layout and size. Lets go over the main sizes and shapes of cubicles so you can better decide which one is right for you.

Standard Cubicles

When we say standard we mean a 6X6 or 6X8. Those are the two most popular sizes of cubicles however, its not uncommon to see a 5X5 or even smaller these days. SO what would be the standard layout ( how your cubicles are arranged in the space)? All office furniture dealers will try and get you to use a spine with wings layout. Meaning You have cubicles running down the center of your office space with one common spine along the center and you have wing panels coming off of that spine. The reason this type of layout is the most common is it allows you to reuse panel walls on other cubicles (the spine panels get used for two cubicles). This saves money and in most cases space. It is by far the most widely used layout and in my opinion the best.

Cubicles Along a Wall

Some businesses will come into an office furniture dealership and want all their cubicles along the walls of their space, this creates a huge expanse in the middle of the office allowing for numerous things to take place, extra conference rooms, teaming tables, training rooms ect. We always, always shy against this type of layout. It is the most expensive layout their is and is a very poor use of space. When you build cubicles in your space you want to pack as many in as you can. This creates the questions: what if we’re not going to fill up the office space at this time? Well, its still a good idea to use a spine with wings layout because if you ever need more cubicles you won’t have to tear the ones that are standing down and relocate them and you are getting more bang for your buck office space wise. We rarely see an office with cubicles along the walls. When we do see it, we think…looks like the sales person couldn’t convince them otherwise. Ha ha ha.


A serpentine layout is a fairly common layout in telemarketing offices. This layout is almost always sold to the customer as a new product instead of used or preowned. A serpentine layout looks well, like a serpent or a snake. It utilizes 120 degree connectors instead of 90 degree connectors to join the cubicles at the ends. This too is a very poor use of space. In most cases the buyer will see a photo of this in a brochure and fall in love with it. It looks cool when its up but it can be very difficult to sell on the used office furniture market.

Floor to Ceiling

Floor to ceiling stations are cubicles that go from the ground and attach to the ceiling grid. These are rare and they take a very special buyer. You will almost never find these in large quantities on the used office furniture market. If you want floor to ceiling cubicles you will really need to buy them new. These cubicles are very, very expensive. But they can be reconfigured in any space and if you actually reuse them (which most companies never do) they will pay for themselves. However, floor to ceiling cubicles are mooch more expensive than drywall. We urge you to think long and hard before purchase this type of cubicle. They are bulky, expensive and in most cases difficult to install. You would really have to be going for a certain look.

I hope this article has been useful to you. As always if you have any questions about your office furniture purchase or require assistance in finding the right cubicle please call us at 800-283-5947 or email us at support@cubeclerk.com.

Cheers, Grant Jones CEO

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